Since I remember I have always been a horse lover and dog lover. That's is why in my professional life, I am horse riding instructor as well as dog trainer under dog shool Wesola Lapka.  

Privately we live with black labrador retriever Graffi, now 7 year old. He tought me how to live with Labrador ;). Together we discovered one by one new ways how to spend free time and have learned new tasks: from obedience, through agility to retrievers hunting competitions. 

And because every new day spent with our labradors brings us new challenges, and there is only one thing better than one labrador - two labradors ;), our family enlarged by second, long awaited chocolate boy Escudo EXTREME RAIN FOR DOLBIA born at Michal Tuliszewski kennel. 

Working name Harry vel Hassiek is a breeder from famous Polish kennel Dolbia and he is co-owned by Irmina Dudkowiak and it is thanks of her support and great advice we were able to grew our boy to be smart and beautiful at the same time.

With our new chocolate "Lab" we started our new passion - dog show exhibiting.

Soon it has turned out to become our hobby and led up to lot of new friendhips and gave us great opportunity to visit many cities all over Europe. 

The passion that became our lifestyle with Labradors intensifies day by day and we already know that this is not last represent of this breed in our house...